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Traffic Law

In a vibrant city like Berlin, where millions of people cover short and long distances in the public sphere on a daily basis, traffic incidents are common.

On more than 5,000 km of roads, the Berlin police register almost 150,000 accidents each year. In every tenth case, a person is injured and many cases include material damages.

Whether by foot, on two, four, or more wheels, all participants in traffic are first and foremost people prone to make mistakes. In case of an accident, you need competent legal advice.

We offer advice and representation in all cases related to damages and compensation. In cases related to the transgression of traffic signals or the infraction against overtaking regulations, we take action against fines and entries in the Fahreignungsregister (Traffic Fitness Register, so-called “Flensburger Punkte”).

Legal support is particularly important in the area of criminal traffic law. Examples of criminal traffic offences include the unlawful departure from an accident site and dangerous interferences in traffic or driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Working in the field of traffic law, Benjamin Hersch and Susanne Lattek provide assistance and representation - whether you are the accused or the victim.

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